Some car accidents are minor with simple resolutions, needing no help from a personal injury attorney.

No injury. No damage. No problem… most of the time.

However, if you have any doubt, call a trial-tested personal injury attorney immediately after your accident.

If you just haven’t gotten to it yet, now would be a good time, before the ugly complications get uglier.

A good lawyer will let you know right on the phone if your case is simple enough for you to handle it yourself.

Even if it is, the lawyer can answer your questions (at no charge) and help you map out the steps necessary to get your car fixed, minor injuries treated, and the insurance company handled.

Some car accidents are way more complicated, like in the examples below.

  • You’re hurt, but the car shows little or no damage.
  • You’re hurt enough to require doctor(s), time, and money to get well.
  • Your passenger(s) is hurt enough to require doctor(s), time, and money to get well.
  • You were a passenger and have been hurt.
  • You’ve lost wages or will in the future.
  • Your passenger (or you as a passenger) has lost wages or will in the future.
  • You need household help.
  • Your history includes one or more past car accidents and/or similar past injuries.
  • You’ve visited doctors in the past (no matter how long ago) for one or more symptoms similar to symptoms experienced after the present car accident.
  • You’ve been seriously injured and believe you may have permanent injuries.
  • The driver of the car that hit you has no insurance.
  • The driver of the car that hit you is under insured.
  • You were involved in an unresolved car accident claim at the time of the latest car accident.
  • You were hit by a car while riding your bicycle or as a pedestrian.
  • Your vehicle hit a pedestrian or bicyclist.

If any of these complications describe your situation, hand them over to an experienced, tough, compassionate, personal injury attorney before you fall into the hungry, greedy jaws of the insurance monsters.

Those profit-driven insurance companies are sneakier, stronger, and meaner than you can imagine. With very deep pockets, they can do whatever it takes to satisfy their greedy appetite for more money, at your expense.