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“A friend referred me to Urquia Law to get help with managing the aftermath of the accident. Rafael and Eva essentially became a protective sea wall for my case, stopping the predatory phone calls from insurance companies, and organizing all my medical expenses and documentation of the accident for me. This gave me peace of mind that someone had my best interests in mind, and I could focus on my family and on healing. They were respectful and professional advocates, every step of the way.”

– Shawne J.

“Knowing I had Rafael advocating for me and handling the details of my claim lifted a huge weight and allowed me to focus on recovering from my injuries. If I had settled on my own without seeking legal advice, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to get the care I needed in the couple years after the accident, so in hindsight, I’m even more grateful for their expertise.”

– Esther W.

“Rafael and Eva made the legal process for my automobile accident flow very smoothly. They were always available to answer my questions and kept me informed. Their expertise showed in my final settlement. Rafael and Eva were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommended Urquia Law to anyone. Knowledge is power! Thanks again Rafael and Eva for all the kindness you showed me.”

– Mike A.

“The woman behind me may have been texting. I don’t know. But when I stopped for a pedestrian, she didn’t. The police had not even finished climbing out of their car when her insurance company that saves everyone 15 percent was on the phone to me asking me if I was okay and if they could close my claim. I had no idea what was going on or what to do next. Luckily, I found Rafael Urquia. With his guidance I got the treatment I needed, the repairs done with good parts and a final settlement that was about seven times the ridiculous, lowball amount the insurance company offered. I have, do, and will recommend Urquia Law and Rafael to anyone who needs a great attorney.”

– Doc R.

“I didn’t even know where to start when I contacted Urquia Law. Rafael and Eva thoroughly helped me right from the beginning, laying out the process, potential outcomes, options, and timelines. They went above and beyond during some extremely difficult times for me. Their care and effort guided me to the best possible outcome for MY situation. In the end, I felt more like a friend or family member than a client.”

– Kevin M.

“Prior to my auto accident I never needed a lawyer. Rafael and Eva made my first experience great, especially as a young woman! I had no clue how vicious insurance companies are following an accident! It was such a blessing to have such a transparent and caring team help guide me through the process. They were always easy to contact, would always answer my questions, and always update me as my case progressed. They cared about what was best for me. I would 10/10 recommend Rafael and Eva to anyone!”

– Shelby C.

“Rafael and Urquia Law really care about the client; they care about you and your case. Rafael went out of his way to gather evidence in the right conditions, so he could make the most persuasive argument about my accident. He was there for me during a difficult time, and it never felt like I was merely a “settlement.” He prepared me for deposition and advocated for me against a predatory insurance attorney. He demonstrated both determination and compassion, never forgetting that no matter what the outcome, I was hurt and needed help.”

– Arendt S.

“Rafael and assistant Eva will make you feel as if you are the firm’s only client. Rafael comes from the heart, not the pocket book. Rafael has the perfect combination of detail, knowledge, experience, and competitiveness. I was represented with the highest level of legal sophistication. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate Rafael a 12. He goes the extra 5 miles for you.”

– Barry S.

“There are many qualified attorneys out there. Urquia Law distinguishes itself because Rafael and Eva are very honorable people. They care, and it is reflected in the work they provide. Rafael has a calm and empathetic demeanor. He is both a good listener and orally articulate. Rafael provided excellent service by demonstrating professionalism, respect, and meticulous attention to the details of my case. Rafael did everything possible to ensure I had a positive outcome. I could not have asked for a better attorney and highly recommend Urquia Law. It will be a decision that you will not regret.”

– Kirk D.

“From the beginning I felt comfortable discussing my situation with Rafael and Eva. I appreciated being kept up to date with what was happening throughout the case process. I always felt at ease. Rafael and Eva addressed my concerns in a friendly manner and I was never made to feel that my questions were not important to them.”

– Kathy C.

“I was represented by Urquia Law after being involved in a major vehicle accident. Mr. Urquia and his staff were very attentive to my legal needs. They stayed in regular contact with me regarding my case, and handled all interactions with insurance companies and other involved entities, freeing me from that pressure and stress. Their high level of skill in managing all aspects of my legal claim assured me that they were caring for both my immediate and long term needs. When the case was settled, Urquia Law had secured a settlement that surpassed what I thought I would ever receive. I would highly recommend them for their integrity, attentiveness to their clients, and overall skill. I will always be grateful to Urquia Law for their service.”

– Carrie E.

“Our elderly mother sustained an avoidable fall due to the negligence of a business. After a frustrating year of medical treatments and insurance runaround, we had no other option but to contact legal counsel for support and direction. They say “every cloud has a silver lining”, and that silver lining was the Law Offices of Rafael Urquia. Rafael and staff were always timely in response, knowledgeable, supportive and caring. A time that felt chaotic and confusing became manageable and informed. We highly recommend the Law Offices of Rafael Urquia.”

– Stephanie W. & Mandy G.

“When I walked into Rafael Urquia’s beautiful Port Townsend office I felt very comfortable—the space is open, clean, and organized and Rafael and Eva are warm and engaging. Rafael validated my experiences and I felt seen and heard by him, I appreciate his warmth and genuine interest. He was open with all communication and very purposeful. I am grateful for Rafael championing me and my case with such grace, genuine sincerity, and a welcome dose of joy. I recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent lawyer with a supportive, open, and warm law firm.”

– Lindsey W.

“In 2014 I was involved in a head on collision caused by another driver who fell asleep at the wheel. My vehicle was totaled and I had injuries. I was referred to Urquia Law to get some help to work through the insurance companies and hospital procedures. Rafael took on my case and with ethical professionalism made sure that I was taken care of. I highly recommend Urquia Law.”

– Rich S.

“I was rear-ended a few years ago and ended up with a neck and back injury. After driving thirty miles each way twice a week for chiropractic, massage and acupuncture therapy, I realized I was spending a lot of my own money for my recovery. It was recommended to me that I speak to Urquia Law to recoup my expenses, so I did. Rafael and Eva did all the hard work, I just showed up, testified and signed papers when I needed to. We won our case! It was clear to me that all professionals involved, even the opposing counsel of a big insurance corporation, respected Rafael.“

– Christie T.

“Dedicated experts! I reached out to Urquia Law after I was in a car accident. At first, I was dealing with the insurance companies by myself, which was very overwhelming. I then contacted Urquia Law and they handled the entire process. They were very responsive, knowledgeable, kept me up-to-date with everything, and would not let the insurance companies low-ball me. I was very impressed and could not recommend them more!”

– Elaina A.

“My experience with Urquia Law was very positive and professional. Rafael was a pleasure to work with and eased my anxieties of moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit following an auto accident. Not only was he easy to work with, but Eva was there to help it along. I am so happy I found Urquia Law.”

– Kathy B.

“I highly recommend Urquia Law, and would like to thank Rafael and Eva for their kind support and expertise.  They were recommended to me in late 2017 after a rental car I was driving was hit by a drunk driver.
Initially I didn’t understand the need for an attorney, but quickly realized the value of having a professional team on my side.  Starting day one after the accident, I was barraged by phone, email and postal contact from insurance companies, the rental car agency, and hospital billing.  It was overwhelming and stressful.

We met at the Port Townsend office a few days after the accident.  Rafael calmly listened and responded clearly to questions.  He laid out options and an expected trajectory of what would likely occur.  It was just enough to get things started, with more details offered at follow up appointments when I was less in shock and better able to process.

As directed, I referred all related contacts and medical bills to their office.  These were competently handled in the background, relieving me of the burden so I could focus on healing.

Urquia law was unfailingly respectful and reassuring.  I so appreciate their knowledgeable, proactive negotiations on my behalf.  The outcome was more than fair.”

– Marti H.

“I was in a car accident this year (hit from behind by another car while stopped at a red light). Rafael and his team made a scary and confusing process, including dealing with medical providers and car mechanics, an easy and very manageable process. I also work full time and didn’t feel like I could get to all the logistics alone. Rafael and his office helped me prioritize what to do first and they took care of the rest. This meant I could focus on getting better and didn’t have to worry. The best part, they got a very favorable settlement that paid for my medical care, my car repair, and compensated me for missed work. This helped my family move forward without having to suffer unintended consequences from an accident that wasn’t my fault. I am so grateful and would recommend anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer to Urquia Law. They were always professional, timely, and incredibly helpful and understanding. No fuss or hidden catches, everything was very straight forward – just high quality representation and people who care about doing the right thing. Urquia Law will do an excellent job for you too!”

– Ariel S.

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