Congratulations! You’ve done your referral and website homework (refer back to Parts 2 & 3 of this 6-part blog).

You’ve got your list of possible personal injury attorneys to call. You may end up choosing one of these lawyers to protect and fight for you after your personal injury—maybe a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall injury, medical mistake, or another injury caused by the negligence of another party.

What do you do now?

Make those first phone calls. Easy, right?

As easy as this sounds for some mysterious reason most of us human beings have what I call “Procrastination Default Programming.” Those phone numbers of personal injury attorneys may be sitting right in front of your computer for weeks and still—you don’t pick up the phone call.

Sometimes procrastination doesn’t hurt. In fact, sometimes if you wait long enough the problem goes away, so we think.

However, in the case of personal injury claims, if you wait, you pay. In fact, the longer you wait, the more you pay. You pay at the close of your claim with too little money in your pocket.

You see, the longer you wait to invite a personal injury attorney to protect you and fight for you, the weaker your case and the stronger your opponent. Why? Because without the experience and expertise of an excellent personal attorney, the more you inadvertently slip-up and mess up your case.

Oh those money-hungry, deep-pocketed insurance companies love to see their opponents slip-up. Those slip-ups add up to fewer dollars flying out of their already over-stuffed pockets, boosting their ever-rising profits.

(Granted, your case may not warrant an attorney, but find that out for sure, at no charge here at Urquia Law, and get some legal tips from us while you’re at it.)

My advice to you?

Pick the phone up now and make those phone calls. Make appointments for the first interview (consultation for the lawyers) with each attorney on your list of recommended personal injury attorneys. Use that first meeting to get a good sense of who they are, how experienced they are, how much they care, what their priorities are, and how competent they are as personal injury attorneys, as well as trial attorneys.

In Part 5 of this blog are a list of important, fact-finding questions to ask in those first meetings so you can better choose the best personal injury attorney for you.

Onward to Part 5 of 6 Parts: “Ask These Top 10 Questions Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.”

Go for it—now!

In case you’ve missed any part of this 6-part blog, here’s an overview:

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